• We’re opening Lo de Silverio in Asunción!

    The much-anticipated moment has arrived: on Friday 18th October at 8 PM, Lo de Silverio will open its doors in Asunción and give off the aroma of Uruguayan cuisine.

    For this moment not to go unnoticed, we’re having a super-special guest: singer and composer Florencia Núñez. This young Uruguayan artist was the first woman to win an award for best composer at the Graffiti Awards to Uruguayan Music, 2018 edition. We’re honored to take the exceptional talent of this artist to Paraguay.

    We’re also thrilled with the cultural rapprochement of bringing our versatile menu with Uruguayan flavors to the people of Asunción, and to serve delicacies also prepared with Uruguayan techniques.

    Thank you all for making this possible!

  • We’re a part of THE COMMUNITY FESTIVAL

    We’ve joined the net!

    THE COMMUNITY is an artistic project that supports emerging artists to provide the audience with new styles of making music. This music season nourishes us culturally by bringing the community together: guests, artists, sponsors and bars make this musical sharing possible.

    8 artists, 8 bars and many collaborators make this event available to art and gourmet-food lovers. 8 raffles by the sponsors seek to tempt attendees even more.

    Lo de Silverio will host live performances by Melaní Luraschi, Rodra, Sebastián Casafúa, AVR, Sofía Gabard, Bárbara Jorcin, ENQTF and Seba Jantos. See the schedule to find the day when each artist is performing.

    P.S.: at the end of the season there will be premium gifts, like an electric bike raffled among all those attending the festival and the special prizes for the artists.


    On Thursday 30th May, Lo de Silverio threw a gathering for its 16th anniversary. Friends, family, suppliers and, of course, customers and our team joined the celebration.

    With great care, we designed a meal that would allow us to toast and taste at the same time. We looked for that something that was special but also traditional to our house. Fortunately, our treat was most successful among guests: a variety of home-made bread, including toasted wheat bread, rustic bread, seed bread, focaccia and crispy Italian breadsticks, sided by hummus, smoked-chicken pâté and kidney vinaigrette; to pair, a delicious Cabernet Sauvignon - Marselan from Pizzorno winery, and for the sweet touch, a variety of butter and coconut biscuits.

    We asked Florencia Núñez to join us and bring harmony to our meal, and the artist delighted us with her songs and her charm.

    We thank all of those who shared that night with us and created another enjoyable moment to cherish in our history.