Supported and encouraged by our customers and suppliers, one year ago we engaged in the challenge of expanding our bill of fare and created “Silverio, pizzas-empanadas”. By then, creative flames risen by the hands of chef Esteban Saez would give us pizzas and pastries; nowadays, that magic also pulls tacos, healthy pies and hot sandwiches from the oven.

In addition to the new delicacies, we’ve launched a new Summer spot, so our customers can choose between the delivery option or the open-air served meal.

The aim behind all these innovations is to provide our customers with more options, since they have been the ones who built up Lo de Silverio’s respectability throughout these 15 years.

  • 13-Inch pizza with ham and mozzarella

    Order a 13-inch pizza with ham and mozzarella and get 2 sweet pastries for dessert free of charge.

    Price: $ 380

  • Patricia

    Enjoy this classic pair: 2 personal mozzarella pizzas and 2 Patricia beers (473 ml can).

    Price: $ 410

  • Patagonia

    Now you can taste Silverio tacos paired with your favorite Patagonia beer in its latest 473 ml can edition.

    Price: $ 230


    Delight yourself with this premium pair:

    12 Silverio pastries and 1 wine from Brisas winery

    for only $ 980

  • The old good classic at a brand-new price

    From Wednesday to Sunday, take 1 meter of mozzarella pizza

    for only $ 490

  • Tuesday & Wednesday Mozzarella

    Season these weekdays by taking 3 personal mozzarella pizzas and paying only 2.

  • Add a gourmet touch

    From Wednesday to Sunday, add ham and black olives to your 1-meter-long mozzarella pizza and take it

    for only $ 530